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 Posted by claude on 2014/6/5 10:00:00 (0 reads)

From the yellow mosaic tables outside, to the leather chairs surrounding the indoor fireplace., Vino Bella is as cozy as it is sophisticated. The interior boasts exposed brick walls, which showcase work by local artists, and delicate lighting, both of which create Vino Bella's relaxing atmosphere. Come by and enjoy a cappuccino. Looking for something a little more upbeat? Stop by on a Friday or Saturday night for some live music. We'll give you something to tap your toes to while you sip on something from our extensive wine list, or enjoy something off of our new menu or desserts. Both comfortable and elegant, Vino Bella is Issaquah's up-and-coming premiere destination.


Upcoming Special Events

Comedy Night
May 18th 8:00 PM
Cost $15.00 Non Refundable
Reservation required

MC - Erin Ingle
Feature - Nick Decktor
Headliner - Don Frost

Don was doing his laundry one beautiful evening in 2003 and as he loaded his wet clothes into a dryer he noticed a newspaper on the ground with the headline “So you think you are funny?” He grabbed the paper and it listed the open mics around town. Quickly he looked for the show that was going on that evening, he grabbed his wet clothes, drove down to the show, grabbed the microphone and has not put it down since. Within 3 months of starting standup comedy he won an amateur comedy contest, placed top 5 in the Portland Comedy Competition and took first place in it in 2011.

Since then Don has travelled around the country to perform in comedy clubs, casinos, theaters, universities, private parties, state prisons and even alpaca farms. Don never shies away from helping charities with his comedy; he has helped raise over $35,000 at various benefit events.
He was raised in a small town in the middle of Nevada, surrounded by nothing but desert and humor. His dad taught him to be a hard worker and pay attention to detail, while his mother told him that life is hard and you better learn to laugh! He combined what his parents taught him and began his comedy journey. Don brings his wild sense of life and love for fun to the stage and is ready to point out the funny things around us and it’s hysterically funny every time!

Don’s comedy takes on a sarcastic, loud flavor-full of insight about his rural upbringing, daily observations of the people and places he encounters, and his genuine and unique take on the human experience through his strange, frantic point of view. Don’s energetic stage presence is loud and original. You definitely don’t want to miss his show!


Vino Bella

99 Front St N
Issaquah, WA 98027
Phone (425) 391-1424

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Mon - Thurs
2:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Fri - Sat
2:30 PM - 12:00 AM


21 and Over Only
No Minors Please!

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